How to buy Pakcoin?

You can buy Pakcoin on different exchanges. But first you need to have Bitcoin to buy Pakcoin. You can buy Bitcoin at Bitonic. Bitonic is an website where you can buy Bitcoin. From Bitonic you send the Bitcoin to the exchange where you can buy Pakcoin. There are three exchanges where you can buy Pakcoin. But first, why would you buy Pakcoin? Pakistan is an big great country. There already a few company’s where you can pay with the Pakcoin. In Pakistan are a lot of people, more than 200 million. If the Pakistan people are going to buy the coins, there will be a big change that the coin is going up up up.

buy Pakcoin

Exchanges to buy Pakcoin

The first exchange is Nova exchange, the second one is Yobit en the third one is Cryptopia. Cryptopia is the best exchange for Pakcoin. At Cryptopia is a lot of trading of the coins. So buy the Bitcoin at Bitonic en send them to your wallet at Cryptopia. At Cryptopia you go to the market en you looking for the Pakcoin. You can also buy the Pakcoins on Yobit, because Yobit is also a good website for all different coins.

When you find the Pakcoin, you can set the order to buy Pakcoin with your Bitcoins. After buying you Pakcoin, you wait until the price is very high, and sell the Pakcoin. You can set an order en buy Bitcoins back.

Pakcoin is going to the moon

Some people think Pakcoin is going to the moon. Not literally, but the Pakcoin price is going up up up. Some people say, you can make millions of dollars with the Pakcoin.

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